“Franco Took My Hand”

A French documentary about the life and times of King Juan Carlos is making news in Spain.

Of particular interest has been an anecdote concerning former Spanish Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

Don Juan Carlos, who succeeded Franco, said the dictator took his hand before death and made him promise to ensure Spanish unity.

King Juan Carlos taking oath of office in 1976. © EFE

Even though King Juan Carlos succeeded Franco, he took advantage of the dictator’s death to re-establish democracy in Spain.

Spanish public television giant TVE helped produce the documentary but is not airing it in the country, calling it out of date.

Sin título-3.jpg
King Juan Carlos speaking during the 1991 Ibero-American summit. © EFE

Don Juan Carlos abdicated the Spanish throne in favor of his son, King Felipe, who has now been head of state for more than a year.



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