King Travels To Panama

King Felipe traveled to Panama at the end of June to attend the new president’s inauguration and celebrate Panama City’s 500th anniversary.

Spanish Royal Household

Panamanian officials unveiled a monument in Old Panama City in honor of His Majesty’s visit.

The King met with the country’s outgoing leader, Juan Carlos Varela, and the new president, Laurentino Cortizo.

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Spanish Royal Household

As prince, King Felipe used to visit Latin America often, a role that then fell on his father. But King Juan Carlos recently announced his retirement from public life.


King Makes His Presence Felt In Catalonia

King Felipe held a series of audiences at Albéniz Palace in Barcelona late last month in an effort to make his presence felt in Catalonia.

His Majesty met with attorneys from the Catalan city of Tarragona, which is down the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona.

Spanish Royal Household

The King met with leaders of the non-profit Barcelona Global, which works to promote the city internationally.

Spanish Royal Household

A third meeting was with Josep Sánchez Llibre, head of the Foment del Treball Nacional, a union of Catalan employers.

Spanish Royal Household

The Spanish Royal Household is looking to rebut claims from Catalan nationalists and pro-independence politicians that King Felipe doesn’t have much support in the region.

Albéniz Palace is owned by the Barcelona government but is considered the Royal Family’s official residence there.

His Majesty also attended an awards ceremony focused on logistics during his visit.