Infanta Pilar, King’s Aunt, Dies

Infanta Pilar, the Duchess of Badajoz and King Felipe’s aunt, has died, media outlets reporter this morning. She was 83.


The infanta was daighter of Infante Juan, who went by the title of Count of Barcelona, even though he was never officially Spain’s king and lived in exile.

Infanta Pilar’s mother was Princess María de las Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

King Swears In New Prime Minister

King Felipe this morning swore in Spain’s new prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, during a brief ceremony at Zarzuela Palace.

Spanish Royal Household

Sánchez took the oath to the King and the Constitution without a Bible of crucifix, as used to be customary.

Don Felipe joked Sánchez getting the premiership was easy but more difficulties were yet to come.

King Appoints Prime Minister

King Felipe this afternoon appointed Pedro Sánchez to be Spain’s new prime minister.

The president signed a royal decree after Sánchez won a vote in the Congress of Deputies following months of political stalemate.

Spanish Royal Household

Congress President Meritxell Batet met with the King in his office at Zarzuela Palace to formalize the appointment.


King Addresses Military Leaders

King Felipe addressed Spanish military leaders at the Madrid Royal Palace throne room yesterday for the first major royal event of the year.

The so-called Pascua Militar takes place on Epiphany and is meant to commemorate the armed forces and address Spain’s defense needs.

The King said the military remained committed to defending the Constitution and the country’s interests.

King Charles III started the Pascual Militar in the 1700’s. King Juan Carlos resurrected the tradition when he became king.