King Welcomes U.S. Visitors

King Felipe welcomed high-profile U.S. guests to Zarzuela Palace in recent days.

Former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a stop during a visit to Spain.

Former Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who runs NASA, visited the monarch to discuss increased space collaboration.

Spanish Royal Household

Spain’s royals hold many of their audiences at Zarzuela Palace just north of central Madrid. Higher-profile events happen at the Royal Palace downtown.


Princess Leonor Finishes High School

Princess Leonor, heir to the Spanish throne. celebrated her high school graduation last week with her parents and sister.

King Felipe, Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofia were on hand to celebrate the Princes of Asturias’ milestone.

Spanish Royal Household

Princess Leonor attended UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Also at the graduation ceremony was Netherlands King Willem-Alexander who was celebrating his daughter, Catharina-Amalia.

UWC Atlantic College is known for hosting notable students who interact with people from all walks of life. The Princess of Asturias will soon begin years of military training in Spain.

Coronation vs. Proclamation

King Charles’ coronation this weekend shows how different the British Royal Family is from other European monarchies.

While the British put crowns on their king and queen, other countries simply proclaim their monarchs. In Spain and other countries, the crown remains to the side.

Spain doesn’t actually have a royal crown — at least not a physical one. The crown King Felipe used for his proclamation is similar to the heraldic crown use in Spanish coats of arms. It dates to the 1700s and is currently on display at the Madrid Royal Palace.

But before 2014, however, that crown stayed locked away. It was used for King Juan Carlos’ proclamation in the 1970s, but was not given as much importance as other crown jewels around the world. Looking at it closely, it’s not an updated representation of Spain’s constituent realms. That crown is also very large — larger than it seems.

The Spanish Royal Family have several tiaras and numerous pieces of jewelry that have been handed down. But through civil war, two republics, a dictatorship and other strife, few crown jewels remain and almost none are regularly on display.

Images: King, Queen At British Coronation

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia traveled to London this weekend to participate in the coronation of King Charles III and associated activities.

Their Majesties have traveled to London several times since becoming Spain’s king and queen in 2014. King Felipe’s proclamation was a more modest affair, largely because of economic and political crises, and did not involve royals from other countries.

Absent from the coronation was Queen Sofia, who is close to the British Royal Family. Her last public engagement was last week during an event for food banks in Spain.

King, Queen Welcome Colombian Leader

King Felipe and Queen Letizia hosted Colombia’s new leftist president, Gustavo Petro, and his wife, Verónica Alcocer, for a state visit this week.

The visit included a welcoming ceremony at the Royal Palace in Madrid, meetings at Zarzuela Palace and then a dinner at the Royal Palace. Colombia also hosted a reception at the Royal Palace of El Pardo, as is tradition for some state visits.

Spanish Royal Household

Petro’s election generated headlines around the world. He’s an economist but also a former guerilla fighter.

King Felipe Celebrates Brazil’s Lula

King Felipe and Queen Letizia hosted Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his wife, Rosângela Lula da Silva, for a lunch at the Madrid Royal Palace last week.

Their Majesties welcomed the Brazilian leader to an official visit to Spain after a stop in Portugal. Brazil is a former Portuguese colony.

Spanish Royal Household

Later in the week, King Felipe held an event at the Royal Palace of El Pardo outside Madrid to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a foundation dedicated to promoting closer ties between Spain and Brazil.

ICYM: Royals Break With Easter Tradition

The Spanish Royal Family broke with tradition again this year by skipping Easter services at the Palma Cathedral in the island of Mallorca.

Royal attendance at the mass has shrunk over the years and generated controversy in 2018, when Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia appeared to get into an argument.

The royals returned in 2019 but suspended attendance during the pandemic in 2020 and have not been back since. Media outlets this month were quick to note the absence.

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia did attend a religious procession in the Madrid area and suspended their agenda for private vacations.

Spanish Royal Household

Queen Sofia and her sister, Princess Irene, were at a charity concert in the Palma Cathedral ahead of Easter. Both are loyal visitors to the Balearic Islands for vacations.

Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe did make a quick visit to his mother, media outlets reported, and was seen at an Italian restaurant with friends.

Royal Fight Between King Felipe, Queen Letizia

The Spanish government’s plan for training Princess Leonor in all branches of the military has caused a fight between King Felipe and Queen Letizia, according to media reports.

Journalist and royal chronicler Pilar Eyre wrote that the issue has caused a violent argument between Their Majesties. It included slammed doors.

The Spanish and international media have repeated the claims, going as far as to suggest the King and Queen are near the breaking point.

Princess Leonor last year. Spanish Royal Household.

Queen Letizia has long been committed to Princess Leonor’s preparation to take on the Spanish throne. However, the Queen has also long been wary of the Royal Household’s close ties to the military. The King is the head of the armed forces.

Also, the military training regime the government prepared for the Princess of Asturias is tougher than what the King and his father, King Juan Carlos, had to go through.

Still, it’s unlikely the fighting — if true — would lead to a divorce. Both the King and Queen know breaking up would imperil the Crown and their daughter’s future.

Spanish Royal Household

Their Majesties were seen together during events in the Andalusian city of Cadiz on the Spanish language. Their moment interacting with musicians received widespread attention.

Princess Leonor To Undergo Military Training

Princess Leonor will begin three years of military training later this year, the Spanish government has announced.

The Princess of Asturias and heir to the Spanish throne, will train in all branches of the armed forces in preparation to become head of state and commander in chief.

Princess Leonor during an event last year. Spanish Royal Household

Princess Leonor will begin her training once she graduates from UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where she has been completing high school.

The Council of Ministers approved a decree creating a legal framework for the princess’ military work, said Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

King Felipe, Princess Leonor’s father, also completed years of military training. He then went to college in Spain and Georgetown University in Washington.

King Felipe at the Royal Palace in Madrid with military officers. Behind them is a portrait of Queen Regent Maria Cristina, the King’s great grandmother.