Queen Sofia Mourns Liechtenstein Princess

Queen Sofia this weekend attended funeral ceremonies for Marie of Liechtenstein, who died earlier this month following a stroke.

Spanish Royal Household

Queen Sofia is close to numerous royals throughout Europe and offered condolences on behalf of the entire Spanish Royal Family.


King Honors Afghanistan Evacuation Leaders

King Felipe met over the weekend with Spanish officials who helped evacuate people from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

King Felipe and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez meeting with Gabriel Ferrán, the outgoing Spanish ambassador to Afghanistan, and his deputy, Paula Sánchez Díaz. Spanish Royal Household

His Majesty visited the Torrejón Air Base in Madrid after the last flight landed with Spaniards and Afghans who collaborated with allied forces.

Royals Start Mallorca Vacations

Members of the Spanish Royal Family are at Marivent Palace in Mallorca for their public summer vacations, as is tradition.

King Felipe earlier this week held a meeting with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at the palace to get an update on political events.

Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe also held a meeting with Balearic Island authorities at Almudaina Palace, a centuries old fortress near downtown Palma.

King Felipe with Palma Mayor José Francisco Hila Vargas. Spanish Royal Household

The King and Queen, and Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia have made other public appearances since arriving on the islands.

Spanish Royal Household

Mallorca is a favorite vacation destination for Queen Sofia, the King’s mother. Media outlets report she’s already there as well.

Royals Support Spanish Olympians

King Felipe, Queen Letizia and the Spanish Royal Household have been vocal in their support of athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

The Royal Household Twitter page has been active with numerous posts celebrating medals and showcasing different members of the team.

The King and Queen also held a departure ceremony for the athletes at the Royal Palace of El Pardo in the outskirts of Madrid.

King Felipe carried the Spanish flag during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 when he was still Prince of Asturias.