Royals Visit Communities Hit By Floods, Fires

King Felipe and Queen Letizia this month visited two communities affected by natural disasters.

This week they traveled to Arganda del Rey in the Madrid region to survey the aftermath of flooding.


Spanish Royal Household

Earlier this month, the King and Queen saw the impact of wildfires in the Canary Islands.


Spanish Royal Household



Royals Open Opera Season

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended the opening of the opera season at the Royal Theater in Madrid earlier this month.

Spanish Royal Household

Their Majesties, siting in the Royal Box, saw a performance of Don Carlo with a host of dignitaries.

Spanish Royal Household

The King and Queen have attended several opera season openings in recent years.

King Relaunches Political Meetings

King Felipe has launched another round of talks with political leaders after weeks of impasse.

The Socialists, who won the most recent elections, have been unable to form a government and the King is considering whether new elections are in order.

The King meeting with Congress President Meritxel Batet at Zarzuela Palace last week. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe is running the clock until early next week to see if the Socialists are able to get enough votes in Parliament to keep running the country.

Royals Back To Work

Members of the Spanish Royal Family are back to work after last month’s break.

King Felipe today presided over the opening of the judicial year at Madrid’s Palace of Justice.

The ceremony came as Spanish leaders expect the Supreme Court issue its ruling following the trial of Catalan separatists.

Spanish Royal Household

Last week King Felipe welcomed new ambassador’s at the Royal Palace in Madrid.

Spanish Royal Household

Queen Letizia is also back on the agenda, including with an event last week on disabilities.

Spanish Royal Household

Still up in the air is the opening of parliament. There may, instead, be new elections.