King Felipe Meets With Prince Albert

King Felipe welcomed Prince Albert of Monaco to Zarzuela Palace last week for a visit to Spain.

Spanish Royal Household

The prince is close to King Felipe and has visited Spain regularly over the years.


Royal Household More Active On Social Media

The Spanish Royal Household has been more active on social media in recent weeks.

Even though the King’s aides have occasionally sent out tweets of mourning and celebration, those appear to be more common.


The tweets above congratulate racers Dani Sordo and Marc Marquez, and basketball player Marc Gasol.

Queen Letizia Gets Warm Embrace

Queen Letizia received a surprise embrace during an audience at Zarzuela Palace earlier this month.

A man in a wheelchair greeted her with a hug that threw her a bit off balance, but she returned his embrace.

Spanish Royal Household

Royal protocol generally frowns upon embracing a monarch, but Spaniards tend to be less strict about such customs, especially with members of the general public.

Princess Leonor To Visit Catalonia

Princes Leonor will visit Catalonia later this year, her first official visit to the region as heir to the Crown.

Princess Leonor with King Felipe. Spanish Royal Household

Her Royal Highness, media outlets reported, will be present for the Princess of Girona Awards ceremony.

As heir to the Spanish throne, she is Princess of Asturias but also of Girona, a city north of Barcelona.

King Tasks Socialist Leader With Forming Government

King Felipe earlier this month takes Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez with organizing a government following the country’s most recent general elections.

Spanish Royal Household

Sánchez got the most votes, so it’s no surprised the King picked him to try to cobble together enough supporters.

Still, His Majesty met with numerous party leaders in his office at Zarzuela Palace before making his decision.

The King met with Laura Borrás Castanyer, who represents one of Catalonia’s main pro-independence parties. She declared her region had no King.


Borrás told the King that former Catalan President Carles Puidgemont, who is a runaway from Spanish justice, preferred him as Crown Prince. The King then said he preferred Puidgemont in his former job as mayor of Girona.

A Packaged Agenda As Parliament Gets Underway

King Felipe and Queen Letizia have been leading numerous events in recent weeks as Spanish politicians work to form a new government.

Today the King met again with Meritxell Batet, the new president of the Congress of Deputies, at Zarzuela Palace.

His Majesty will have several such meetings in the coming days with different party leaders.

Spanish Royal Household

Over the weekend, King Felipe and Queen Letizia were in Seville for a series of ceremonies for Armed Forces Day.

Spanish Royal Household

Late last month the King was in Germany for the Charlemagne Prize ceremony. The winner was António Guterres, United Nations secretary general.

Spanish Royal Household

On May 29, Queen Letizia was in Palma de Mallorca for a summit on school safety.

Spanish Royal Household

The Queen last month was also in Geneva for World Health Organization meetings.

Spanish Royal Household

The King presided over the King’s Cup football championship final in Seville on May 25th. The Queen leads a similar contest for women’s sports.

Spanish Royal Household