King Stands Against Spanish Rupture

King Felipe has strengthened his calls for Spanish unity amid ongoing talks in region of Catalonia about secession.

Pro-independence candidates recently won elections to the Catalan Parliament, but failed to get a majority of overall votes.

His Majesty addressed the issue indirectly during remarks at events surrounding the prestigious Princess of Asturias awards — formerly knows at the Prince of Asturias Awards.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
King Felipe, Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia arrive at the awards ceremony. © Casa de S.M. el Rey

The King said, “Let us separate ourselves from everything that pretends to differentiate or reject one another.”

Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola was one of the award recipients at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo, Asturias.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
King Felipe and Queen Letizia walk to their place at the table of honor. © Casa de S.M. el Rey

This week the King and Queen watched as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy also indirectly rejection secessionist sentiments during a Madrid Royal Palace gathering.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
© Casa de S.M. el Rey

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in Madrid to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of Spain joining the international body.


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