King Touts Spanish Grand Pact Amid Catalan Troubles

King Felipe touted Spain’s constitutional “grand pact” of national unity amid separatist sentiments in Catalonia.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
© Casa de S.M. el Rey

Don Felipe said the Spanish constitution is a “grand pact that defends, preserves and embraces the rights and liberties of citizens.”

The King also said the 1978 document “defends the communities of Spain in the exercise of its diverse cultures and traditions, languages and institutions, and consecrates the liberty, justice, equality and political pluralism as essential values of our coexistence.”

His Majesty also spoke about Spain’s commitment to European integration and said he felt “profoundly European.”

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
© Casa de S.M. el Rey

King Felipe also met with French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who have expressed solidarity with a united Spain and suggested opposition to Catalan nationalism.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
© Casa de S.M. el Rey

Several anti-monarchist European Parliament members held signs and republican flags during His Majesty’s speech.


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