King No Longer WWF Honorary President

Leaders of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund have decided to get rid of the post of honorary president, held until now by King Juan Carlos.

King with Bank of Spain president.

The group said that 94 percent of its leadership voted for the action today, which comes amid controversy over Don Juan Carlos’ elephant hunting trip to Botswana.

“Even though this type of hunting is legal and regulated,” the group said in a statement, “it has been considered incompatible by many associates with the honorary presidency of a group like WWF.”

WWF To Decide King’s Fate

Leaders of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund is meeting later this month to decide whether to keep King Juan Carlos as honorary president of the organization, according to local media reports.

The July 21 meeting comes as a result of His Majesty’s elephant hunting trip earlier this year. Critics have said the King’s love of hunting is incompatible with the WWF’s mission.

The Royal Household said the King will respect whatever leaders decide.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, is WWF’s President Emeritus.

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia at a military ceremony in Talarn today.