King Juan Carlos Is Back

King Juan Carlos is back in public view after weeks of recovery from a back operation.

Earlier this week the King and Queen Sofia received the 2012 winner of the prestigious Cervantes Prize José Manuel Caballero Bonald at Zarzuela Palace.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos
© Casa de S.M. el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia hosted a dinner in Caballero’s honor and presented him with the award yesterday.

20130423 entrega premio cervantes 007

Yesterday King Juan Carlos met with Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Controversy Continues

Amid the ongoing corruption controversy surrounding his son-in-law, the King has agreed to even more transparency of Royal Household spending.

Don Juan Carlos will also provide details about his inheritance.


King Makes Himself Visible

King Juan Carlos is slowly but surely returning to his duties while recovering from his recent hip replacement surgery. It also appears that the controversy over his elephant hunting trip is cooling down.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos

This week His Majesty met with the foreign minister for the United Arab Emirates, High Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at the Zarzuela Palace. The UAE is inaugurating a new embassy in Spain and the King enjoys good relations with Middle Eastern royals.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos

Don Juan Carlos also met with Víctor García de la Concha, the new director of the Cervantes Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes the study and teaching of the Spanish language.

Constitutional Crisis? Newspaper Weighs Situation

El Pais, one of Spain’s leading newspapers and often used as a source for this blog, has published several articles analyzing the Royal Family’s situation in Spain.

Many influential politicians and business leaders, the paper says several factors are affecting the Monarchy’s popularity — King Juan Carlos’ health, his recent trip to Botswana, his son-in-law facing corruption allegations, the economy, leftist movements and the fact that many young people don’t remember the the institution’s importance in establishing democracy.

One article looks at the King’s situation, another reviews Prince Felipe’s role and another reviews the Queen’s recent actions, including only spending a few minutes visiting her husband at the hospital.

King Juan Carlos takes oath. Note the not often seen
"Tumular" Crown of Spain.

Socialist leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba said he would have told the King not to go hunting in Africa. The comments come amid a debate over how much control the elected Government should have over the Monarch’s activities.

Still, despite other leftist comments against the Monarchy, the Socialist leadership is staying loyal.

Meanwhile, as planned, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia stepped in for Don Juan Carlos in giving out this year’s Cervantes prize at the University of Alcalá. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was born in Alcalá in the 1500’s.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos