Royal Fight Between King Felipe, Queen Letizia

The Spanish government’s plan for training Princess Leonor in all branches of the military has caused a fight between King Felipe and Queen Letizia, according to media reports.

Journalist and royal chronicler Pilar Eyre wrote that the issue has caused a violent argument between Their Majesties. It included slammed doors.

The Spanish and international media have repeated the claims, going as far as to suggest the King and Queen are near the breaking point.

Princess Leonor last year. Spanish Royal Household.

Queen Letizia has long been committed to Princess Leonor’s preparation to take on the Spanish throne. However, the Queen has also long been wary of the Royal Household’s close ties to the military. The King is the head of the armed forces.

Also, the military training regime the government prepared for the Princess of Asturias is tougher than what the King and his father, King Juan Carlos, had to go through.

Still, it’s unlikely the fighting — if true — would lead to a divorce. Both the King and Queen know breaking up would imperil the Crown and their daughter’s future.

Spanish Royal Household

Their Majesties were seen together during events in the Andalusian city of Cadiz on the Spanish language. Their moment interacting with musicians received widespread attention.


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