Royals Work During Mallorca Vacations

Members of the Spanish Royal Family made the rounds in Mallorca earlier this month for their traditional summer vacations.

King Felipe met with Balearic Islands officials at Almudaina Palace in the city of Palma and also met with civil society during a reception at Marivent Palace.

Marivent has been the Royal Family’s private quarters while in Mallorca but King Felipe and Queen Letizia have worked to open the grounds to the public under pressure from local officials.

King Felipe, Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia. Spanish Royal Household

Queen Sofia is fond of Marivent Palace and usually arrives in Mallorca before other royals and stays the longest.

Their Majesties earlier this month also made a public walk-through the Mallorca community of Valldemossa with Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia.

Spanish Royal Household

Official business

King Felipe usually continues to conduct official business during the family’s stay in Mallorca. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez met with His Majesty last week.

The king with the prime minister at Almudaina Palace. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe also held a swearing-in ceremony for Spain’s new attorney general, Álvaro García Ortiz.

Spanish Royal Household

Almudaina Palace is the Royal Family’s official residence in Mallorca, across from the cathedral, but they don’t sleep in the centuries-old citadel.


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