Princess Leonor, Infanta Sofia Make Key Visit To Catalan Region

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia visited the Catalan region of Girona this weekend ahead of the Princess of Girona Foundation awards yesterday.

Princess Leonor, as heir to the Spanish throne, is princess of Asturias and also Girona. Her sister, Infanta Sofia, joined her for a tour of the Dali Museum and to meet area residents.

The visit was notable because it was part of preparing the princess and the infanta for solo events. Also, Girona is known for being skeptical of the monarchy.

Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe and Queen Letizia joined their daughter for other events associated with the awards, including meetings at the Albeniz Palace in Barcelona. The awards ceremony itself was also in Barcelona.

Spanish Royal Household

The prince or princess of Girona was the title held by the heir to the Aragonese throne. The prince or princess of Asturias title belonged to the heir to the Castillian throne. The two kingdoms fused hundreds of years ago. That’s why Princess Leonor holds both titles, among others.


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