King Juan Carlos Arrives In Spain

King Felipe will receive his father, King Juan Carlos, at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid Monday.

King Juan Carlos returned to Spain for a brief visit from his exile in the United Arab Emirates. The trip has caused controversy and concern at the highest levels.

The former monarch left Spain amid domestic and international probes into his financial dealings. But with some investigations dropped and Don Juan Carlos’ efforts to make good with tax authorities, he decided it was time to visit Spain.

Coverage of King Juan Carlos’ visit by El Mundo newspaper.

The Spanish government agreed with King Juan Carlos visiting King Felipe at Zarzuela Palace but would not allow the former head-of-state to sleep there.

King Juan Carlos has been spending his time with friends and family along the Galician coast.

The Royal Household has stressed the trip is private in nature, but left-leaning politicians have questioned how well the king was received by influential personalities in politics and business.


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