King Makes Call For Cuban Democracy, Human Rights

King Felipe called for democracy and the protection on human rights this week during a state visit to Cuba.

His Majesty made his comments during a dinner offered by the Spanish during the historic royal visit.

Spanish Royal Household

The King met this week with Cuban leaders, Spaniards living on the island, diplomats and business leaders. They toured Havana neighborhoods on foot.

Don Felipe also had a private session with former Cuban President Raúl Castro, brother of the late Fidel Castro.

The King and Queen at the former Palace of Spanish Captains General in Havana. They are looking at a portrait of young King Alfonso XIII and his mother, Queen Regent Maria Cristina. They are King Felipe’s great grandfather and great great grandmother. Spanish Royal Household

The royal visit was the first by a Spanish monarch to the former colony in five centuries.

Their Majesties are now in Washington, D.C., for a private visit for the anniversary of Georgetown University’s foreign affairs school.


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