King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia Together At Luxembourg Funeral

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were together again in public last weekend for the funeral of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, who died at 98.

Their Majesties have come to represent the Spanish Crown at international royal events.

Spanish Royal Household

Grand Duke Jean led Luxembourg for more than three decades until he abdicated in favor of his son Henri in 2000.

Other appearances

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia have made other appearances on the royal calendar in recent days.

Don Juan Carlos was with King Felipe at an innovation summit in Naples, Italy, tied to the COTEC Foundation.

Spamish Royal Household

Queen Sofia attended a meeting of the Queen Sofia School of Music with its president, Paloma O’Shea, the Marquise of O’Shea.

Spanish Royal Household


Also there was Paloma’s daughter, Ana Patricia Botín, powerful head of the Santander banking group.


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