King Felipe Pressures King Mohammed On Immigration

Spain’s King Felipe pressed Morocco’s King Mohammed on curbing immigration into Europe during a state visit last week.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia departing Madrid from a VIP terminal at Barajas Airport. Such ceremonies are part of the pomp surrounding official visits abroad.
King Mohammad and Prince Moulay Hassan welcomed King Felipe and Queen Letizia at the airport.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s visit to the North African kingdom is their second in recent years, showing an effort among both countries to keep close ties.

Immigration is always a point of contention between Spain and Morocco. Related to that issue is Spain’s two enclaves in North Africa — Melilla and Ceuta.


Notably accent from the receptions, gatherings and official dinner was the King Mohammed’s wife. The two may have separated of divorced.


King Felipe met with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg soon after returning from Morocco, as part of a crowded agenda.

That includes overseeing increased political instability in Spain, with the prime minister calling early elections.


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