King Addresses Young Spaniards

King Felipe’s Christmas Eve message this year was short and focused on one particular audience — the youth.

The King reminded viewers and listeners about Spain’s transition to democracy and the Crown’s commitment to coexistence.

The King taped his remarks at Zarzuela Palace.

The message, like years prior, comes amid ongoing separatist sentiment among some Catalans, particularly young people.

“Coexistence, which is always fragile, is the most valuable work of our democracy and the best legacy we can give younger generations; we must defend it, care for it and protect it,” said Don Felipe.

The King, whose words were broadcast on television and social media, ended his remarks by wishing people a merry Christmas in Spain’s different languages.

He said, “We should value with price and without complex what we are, what we have done and be confident in what we can all do together, getting away from disenchantment and pessimism.”

Catalan separatists responded to the remarks by questioning Spain’s commitment to democracy and liberty.


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