Leaked Text Messages Raise Eyebrows

Spanish media outlets, particularly El Mundo newspaper, are questioning comments by made Queen Letizia in private text messages.

Queen Letizia speaking in Madrid.

The leaked notes show the Queen, a former journalist, called a supplement of the newspaper “shit.”

The King and Queen were texting with a friend who became embroiled in corruption scandal involving charge cards from troubled financial giant Bankia SA.

King Felipe with military leaders at the Madrid Royal Palace.

Their Majesties appeared to be backing their friend, apparently the Queen’s yoga buddy. She called him “compi yogui,” a phrase that has now gone viral.

Authorities are looking into the leak, rare if not unprecedented in Spain, where the Royal Family’s private communications are seen as off limits.

El Mundo published a respectful but snarky open letter to the Queen. But there has not been much comment from the Royal Household because the messages were private.



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