King Leads Country In Turmoil

King Felipe is leading a Spain through political turmoil, with national parties still unable to form a government and Catalan leaders insisting on independence.

Don Felipe took another chance to promote the rule of law and coexistence during military ceremonies last week.

The King and Queen with top government officials at the Royal Palace courtyard. © Casa de S.M. el Rey

“Guaranteeing liberty and the rights of citizens is a demand and responsibility of a country under the rule of law,” Don Felipe said at the annual Pascua Militar at the Madrid Royal Palace.

The Pascua Militar, which literally translates to Military Easter, dates to the 1700’s, when Spanish troops kicked our British forces from the island of Menorca.

Their Majesties listen to remarks at the Madrid Royal Palace Throne Room.

Beyond ongoing political challenges, members of the Spanish Royal Family are monitoring the corruption trial of Infanta Cristina and her husband.

Prosecutors accuse him and associates of using public funds for personal gain. Media outlets say the Infanta is preparing herself emotionally to visit her husband in prison.


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