Political Uncertainty Puts King In Key Position

The political uncertainty stemming from Spain’s recent elections are putting King Felipe in the spotlight.

Even though the conservative Popular Party won a majority of votes, they did not secure enough to control parliament and quickly form a government.

King Felipe with military leaders at the Royal Palace. © Casa de S.M. el Rey

With no clear coalition emerging, Don Felipe has the constitutional power to help mediate the situation. He will soon meet with leaders of the different parties.

The uncertainty has also elevated interest for the King’s traditional Christmas Eve speech.

His Majesty will deliver the recorded speech from the Throne Room at the Madrid Royal Palace for the first time ever, rather than at the Zarzuela Palace complex where the royals live.

Queen Letizia presiding over a health care related meeting. © Casa de S.M. el Rey

Even though King Felipe and Queen Letizia have re-energized the Spanish Crown, left wing victories are threatening its place in society.

In Navarre, for example, new leaders decided to include the King and Queen from their Prince of Viana awards.

The Prince of Viana is one of the traditional titles of the Spanish heir to the throne, currently Princess Leonor.


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