Fans Whistle During Royal March

Spanish monarchists and establishment political figures gasped when football fans whistled during the the national anthem, the Royal March, at this weekend’s King’s Cup final game.

Critics said the whistling, with King Felipe in attendance, was a sign of deep disrespect. Some suggested punishing teams with fans misbehaving.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
King Felipe with Catalan President Artur Mas to his right. © Casa de S.M. el Rey

Other political figures, including heads of the Basque and Catalan governments, which tend to be wary of the national government, said any punishment would just boomerang.

© Casa de S.M. el Rey
© Casa de S.M. el Rey

Whistling is not uncommon at games and other events, especially amid Spanish discontent over corruption scandals and the economy.


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