Queen Debuts Diamond Tiara

Last week Queen Letizia surprised many royal watchers by wearing a new tiara, reportedly a years-old gift from King Felipe.

Her Majesty wore the tiara for the first time for Danish Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday celebrations.

© Agencia EFE
© Agencia EFE

The new tiara, by Spanish jeweler Ansorena, is made of diamonds and pearls, and includes a Fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the House of Bourbon.

Many of the jewels associated with Spain’s Royal Family have been sold or lost over the years, amid war and political turmoil.

Still, beyond a crown and scepter used to symbolize the monarchy, some tiaras have remained. Plus, Queen Sofia incorporated some more from her families.

A bigger Fleur-delis tiara also from Ansorena was a gift from King Alfonso XIII to Queen Victoria Eugenia in the early 1900’s.

Queen Victoria Eugenia.
Queen Victoria Eugenia.

Both Queen Sofia and Queen Letizia have often worn a floral tiara that belonged to the Royal Family but left the family, according to reports.

Former Spanish dictator Franco bought it for Queen Sofia’s wedding to King Juan Carlos.


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