Anticipation Builds For King’s Speach

Anticipation is building across Spain for King Felipe’s first Christmas Eve speech of his reign.

The speech has often been the Spanish King’s most important message to his people of the year, touching on issues like corruption and the economy.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia have reduced their public agenda as the holiday’s approach, and as the King prepares his remarks.

© Casa de Su Majestad el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos
© Casa de Su Majestad el Rey / Borja Fotógrafos

Yesterday they met with official representatives of Spanish Grandees, the highest form of nobility in the country, at the Royal Palace of El Pardo.

Their Majesties also met with leaders of Patrimonio Nacional, the government body charged with administering royal palaces and other related cites.

Media outlets have been wondering whether King Felipe’s message will touch on his sister’s impending trial.

They say the Catalan government television will show Don Felipe’s message. The Basque government channel will not. Both are regions with more republican sentiments.


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