Infanta Elena Represents King At Duchess Funeral

Infanta Elena, King Felipe’s sister, was the Royal Family’s representative to the Duchess of Alba’s funeral in Seville.

Infanta Elena with the Duchess of Alba's son and widower.
Infanta Elena with the Duchess of Alba’s son and widower.

The Duchess, the woman with the most titles of nobility on Earth, died this week after health complications.

Members of the Royal Family sent their condolences immediately after her death.

The Duchess, as a Spanish Grandee, had a special status with members of the Royal Family, at least when protocol was concerned.

The King, for example, has traditionally called grandees “cousin.” The Duchess also had the privilege of entering the Seville Cathedral on horseback.


It is fitting for the Royal Household to have picked Infanta Elena to attend the funeral. She got married in Seville and is known to embrace the city’s traditions.


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