King Juan Carlos Back Into Surgery

King Juan Carlos will be back in surgery in the coming days to deal with a rare infection stemming from a previous thigh procedure, the Royal Household said in a press conference yesterday.

The operation could put the king, 75, in recovery for several months, at a time when he has been wanting to be more active with the purpose of recovering his public image.


The head of the Royal Household said yesterday that Prince Felipe and other members of the Royal Family could continue to substitute the King at events, but that his duties as Head of State are non-transferable.

In other words, King Juan Carlos may not be able to attend the upcoming Ibero-American summit in Panama, and the Prince would not be able to sit in for his dad.

With the new surgery, the latest of several in recent years, talk of abdication resurfaced. The Royal Household said no such thing is being considered.

The Spanish government also said that King Juan Carlos would be able to sign important document, like Royal Decrees, from the hospital or recovery.


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