King’s Inviolability Invoked

An important story about the Spanish Royal family has begun trickling into the international media. The story is important not because of its gossip value but because of its constitutional lessons.

Two Spanish courts have rejected claims from two people saying the are illegitimate children of King Juan Carlos. The Telegraph wrote this about Alberto Sola Jimenez from Catalonia and Ingrid Sartiau from Belgium:

In an interview earlier this year she said: “My mother told me who my father was while we were watching television. An image of King Juan Carlos flashed up and she said: ‘That man’s your father.'”

The pair met for the first time in June when they underwent DNA tests that show there is a 91 per cent chance that they have one parent in common.

However, the courts rejected their claims because the Spanish Constitution makes clear that the person of the King is “inviolable.”

King Juan Carlos receives new ambassadors at Royal Palace in Madrid.

The Royal Household has remained silent about the story, which has appeared in El Mundo and El Huffington Post, but has not been prevalent in many mainstream media outlets.


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