Royals Encourage Spanish Athletes; Denied Entry At Olympic Site

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia attended the 2012 Olympics closing ceremonies.

Queen Sofia greets Spanish basketball player Felipe Reyes.
© Agencia EFE

In the days leading up to yesterday’s festivities, the Prince and Princess of Asturias joined Queen Sofia in visiting Spanish athletes, touring the campus and speaking with journalists.

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia at the media center.
© Comité Olímpico Español

In an embarrassing moment that is making worldwide news, Olympics staff members refused the Royal Family entry to a restricted section at one of the venues. They wanted to greet Nico Garcia for a silver medal in Taekwondo.

© Agencia EFE

Click here for more coverage.

Media reports indicate that while staffers appeared rude to Her Majesty and their Royal Highnesses, the Borbones took it all in stride.


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