Prince, Princess To Visit U.S., King To Venture Near Gibraltar

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia will visit the U.S. next week to reinforce bilateral relations.

The Prince and Princess of Asturias will visit New York and Boston, including Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. They will meet Spanish business leaders and hold discussions about American relations with the Iberoamerican world.

Prince and Princess of Asturias

Princess Letizia also plans to visit an elementary school to promote the Spanish language.

A trip to Washington, however, does not appear on the calendar.

King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia

Also next week, King Juan Carlos will visit Civil Guard installations in Algeciras near Gibraltar. The visit has broader political implications with Spain calling for talks with the United Kingdom on Gibraltar’s political status and a dispute over fishing rights in the area.

Later this summer members of the Royal Family will rest at Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca. However, the Duke and Duchess of Palma won’t be there, according to media reports. The Duke Iñaki Urdangarin remains under investigation for corruption allegations.


One thought on “Prince, Princess To Visit U.S., King To Venture Near Gibraltar

  1. I’m certain that Princess Letizia’s promotion of the Spanish language in the US is unnecessary, should have picked a different topic. I would have tried something along the lines of ethics and or humanism as more fitting.

    So, Su Majestad…if it wasn’t for those sudden winds shift during the battle of Trafalgar,,, Gibraltar wouldn’t still an issue… Bloody Brits! They lucked out on history!

    La Reina has not changed a bit! She looks the same after all these years! Su Majestad is showing his years a bit, but you could still recognize him from any peseta!

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