King Suffers Hip Fracture

King Juan Carlos is recovering from a hip fracture suffered during a hunting trip to Botswana, the Royal Household and media reports said today.

Doctors at USP San José Hospital said his hip replacement surgery was successful. They say the King has already begun physical therapy and should recover in about a month.

El Pais newspaper noted that this is the fourth time the Monarch has been through surgery in two years. The King has been walking with a limp for a while and will be in crutches for at least part of his recovery.

King Juan Carlos had been elephant hunting in Botswana for the past several days. He fell when he tripped at camp during the night. He returned to Spain for medical care on a private flight.

Prince Felipe visiting his father at the hospital
© Agencia EFE

Prince Felipe and Infanta Elena visited their father at the hospital today. The Queen is spending time in her native Greece celebrating Orthodox Easter.

The political far left blasted His Majesty for not waiting his turn before surgery and the hunting trip itself, saying it disrespected people’s economic suffering, El Pais reported.


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