King In Russia For Spanish Loss

King Felipe was in Russia today for the World Cup game between Spain and Russia.

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The King worked to comfort the Spanish team after a lackluster showing and elimination.

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King Felipe also took the opportunity to meet with Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.


King Wants ‘Catalonia For All’

King Felipe and Queen Letizia went into what has become hostile territory late last week to hand out the Princess of Girona Awards.

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Girona is a region is Spain, in Catalonia, with a relatively high rate of pro-independence sentiment.

Girona officials denied the King and Queen use of an arena there, citing repairs, and Catalan officials did not attend.

Still, the ceremony, organized by the Princess of Girona Foundation, appeared to be a success.

The King, during his remarks, called for a Catalonia “by all and for all.”

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The King and Queen, the day after the awards, also met with participants of a program to encourage young professionals.

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Demonstrators for and against the Crown meant increased security surrounding the royal visit.

The King’s daughter, as heir to the Spanish throne, is Princess of Asturias and Girona, among other titles.

The title dates back to when the prince or princes of Girona was the hair to the Crown of Aragon.

Catalan Separatists Seek Meeting

Catalan separatist leaders are requesting a meeting with King Felipe later this week.

The King is scheduled to make a visit to Catalonia and the new government there, led by nationalists, has said it will not welcome the monarch with normality.

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Catalan separatists see the King as siding with unionists, especially after a strong speech supporting unity and the rule of law.

The Catalan leaders say they want to open a dialogue with the King where he recognizes the region’s right to self determination.

Update: The Spanish government vetoed the meeting between the King and Catalan leaders, saying it was political in nature. The new prime minister is looking to meet with the new Catalan president in the coming weeks.

King, Queen Meet With President, First Lady

King Felipe and Queen Letizia met with President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump yesterday afternoon.

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The meeting capped the King and Queen’s trip to the U.S., which also included stops in New Orleans and San Antonio.

Their Majesties were helping those cities, both with Spanish roots, celebrate their tricentennials.

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The King Felipe and President Trump spoke briefly to highlight shared values and the president’s potential trip to Spain.

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The King then went to Capitol Hill to meet with Republican and Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

© Spanish Royal Household
© Spanish Royal Household

His Majesty also made stops at the World Bank and Inter-american Development Bank in Washington, D.C.

Spanish Royals And The LGBT Community

Several articles have appeared in recent weeks pointing out warm relations between the Spanish Royal Household and the gay community.

Indeed, last month, King Felipe congratulated Spanish LGBT publication Shangay on its anniversary.

But that wasn’t the first gesture. After taking over as monarchs, King Felipe and Queen Letizia made a point to invite the LGBT community to royal receptions.

King Felipe and King Juan Carlos during a meeting with business leaders.

King Felipe was also the first royal to appear on the cover of a magazine geared toward the LGBT community.

His father, King Juan Carlos, approved of legislation legalizing gay marriage in Spain in 2005.

King, Queen To Meet With Trump

King Felipe and Queen Letizia will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump on June 19th, media outlets are reporting.

Their Majesties will stop by the White House during a tour of several U.S. cities.


The last time the King and Queen were in Washington, D.C., was to meet with President Obama.

The Spanish Royal Household made a strong effort to meet with the Obamas. King Juan Carlos was the first head of state to visit President Obama at the Oval Office.