King Receives Medal From Andalucía

King Felipe today received a Medal of Honor from the Spanish Autonomous Community of Andalucía for his work toward national unity.

His Majesty attended a ceremony at San Telmo Palace in Seville, the seat of the region’s presidency, currently held by conservative Juan Manuel Moreno.

There is generally strong support for the monarchy in Andalucía, which includes also includes the historic cities if Granda, Málaga and Cádiz.

Controversy is once again touching the king this week. The Socialist government is moving forward with pardons for jailed Catalan separatists and Don Felipe would have to ratify them.

King Gets Vaccinated Against COVID-19

King Felipe got vaccinated for COVID-19 over the weekend, the Royal Household told media outlets. There were no photographers and aides did not say which one of the vaccine types he received.

His Majesty got vaccinated at the Wizink Center in Madrid along with other members of the public. He did so according to public health guidelines.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia during Armed Forces Day in May. Spanish Royal Household

Critics expressed concern when the King’s sisters — Infanta Cristina and Infanta Elena — got vaccinated during a trip to the Middle East to see their father, Jung Juan Carlos.

Royals Dedicate New Submarine

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia dedicated the new submarine Isaac Peral, named after a well-known Spanish engineer and naval officer.

Spanish Royal Household

The dedication ceremony was in a shipyard along the southeastern coast of Spain run by Navantia, a state-owned shipbuilding company.

King Leads Ibero-American Summit

King Felipe presided over the 27th Ibero-American Summit, which took place in the Principality of Andorra this week.

This year’s theme focused on innovation toward sustainable development. The summit also tried to create a united front for fighting the pandemic.

King Felipe, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Spanish Royal Household

Members of the Organization of Ibero-American States — of which King Felipe is the honorary head — regularly attend the conference. The group is generally made up of Spain, Portugal and their former colonies, among other participants.

This year’s summit was notable for its absences because of the pandemic. It was also a one day event, unlike previous years.

Spanish Royal Household

His Majesty held one-on-one meetings with several leaders attending the summit, including gatherings in Spain ahead of the Andorra meeting.

King Felipe with Dominican President Luis Rodolfo Abinader at the Royal Palace of El Pardo. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe and Queen Letizia made a state visit to Andorra — the first for a Spanish monarch — earlier this year. The country is a co-principality. One of its heads of state is the president of France. The other is the bishop of Urgell, which covers Andorra and parts of Spain.

Princess Leonor To Host First Solo Event

Princess Leonor will hold her first solo event as heir to the Spanish throne, according to media outlets.

The Princess of Asturias will attend ceremonies for the 30th anniversary of the Cervantes Institute. No other member of the Royal Family will be there.

The first solo event is a rite of passage for the princess, 15, in preparation for official duties, particularly once she completes her studies.

Royals Welcome Portuguese, Estonian Leaders

King Felipe and Queen Letizia welcomed Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa during a visit to Madrid last week.

Don Felipe held a reception with the president and other members of the Portuguese delegation at the Madrid Royal Palace. The ceremonies were not at the level of a state visit, but Spain and Portugal are generous when welcoming each other’s leaders, even for brief stops.

Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe and Queen Letizia also welcomed de Sousa for a private dinner at their unofficial residence at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid’s outskirts.

Spanish Royal Household

Earlier this month King Felipe had a work meeting with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid at Zarzuela Palace.

Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe also met in recent days with Ibero-American Secretary General Rebeca Grynspan.

Royals Honor Terror Victims

King Felipe and Queen Letizia led events in Madrid last week to honor victims of terrorism in Spain and around the world.

Their Majesties and top government officials gathered in the gardens of the Madrid Royal Palace for an official commemoration.

King Felipe during his remarks. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe and Queen Letizia also attended a concert to honor victims art the National Music Auditorium.

Spanish Royal Household

Spain has a long history with terrorism. Before the 2017 Barcelona attack and 2004 train bombings, Basque separatists killed numerous people in acts of terror.

King Felipe Marks Coup Attempt

King Felipe last week marked the 40th anniversary of the failed coup that almost derailed Spain’s nascent Democracy in 1981.

His Majesty presided over a small ceremony at the Congress of Deputies with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and other top officials.

King Felipe on the floor of the Spanish Congress with other top officials. Gunshot damage is still visible in the ceiling from the coup attempt. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe recalled his father, King Juan Carlos, being instrumental in putting down the coup. He called military leaders and, after delays, was able to make a televised address to call for respecting the new constitution.

The coup involved a Civil Guard officer, Antono Tejero, storming the Congress with a small crew and holding lawmakers hostage. Plotters also took over state television and were poised to begin taking over the country.

King Felipe was a child when the events happened. King Juan Carlos made sure he was present during some of the toughest moments so the then-heir would learn from the developments.

King Juan Carlos Pays Millions In Back Taxes

King Juan Carlos has paid more than 4 million euros in back taxes, according to his attorney, Spanish media outlets reported last week.

Don Juan Carlos has been working to regularize his status with tax authorities, particularly concerning transactions dating from 2014, when he abdicated the throne and lost his immunity.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the Spanish Congress in 2018. Spanish Royal Household

The tax payments stem from free flights and other services King Juan Carlos enjoyed at the expense of his cousin, businessman Álvaro of Orleans.

Violent Protests Follow Rapper’s Arrest

Last week’s arrest of Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel has unleashed days of violent protests in Barcelona and other areas, particularly in Catalonia.

Catalan police arrested Hasel at the University of Lleida, where he was holed up with his supporters. Hasel had until February 12 to turn himself in after the Spanish Supreme Court upheld a 2018 conviction against the rapper of supporting terrorism and injuries against the Crown.

King Felipe attending a business conference in Aragon late last week. Spanish Royal Household

Spain’s penal code includes provisions to punish people who insult the the King or his family. The law is not meant to silence criticism of the Crown and prosecutions are rare.