Queen Letizia Meets With Prince Charles

Queen Letizia met with Britain’s Prince Charles earlier this month to visit an exhibition in Bishop Auckland of works by Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán.

Spanish Royal Household

The new Spanish Gallery of Auckland Castle is the United Kingdom’s first venue dedicated to Spanish art and culture, according to the Royal Household.

Spanish Royal Household

The last official trip by King Felipe and Queen Letizia to the U.K. was for Prince Phillip’s memorial service in London.

Queen Sofia Back In New York

Queen Sofia was in New York last week to lead events at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, an organization to promote understanding of the Spanish speaking world.

Her Majesty introduced an electronic biographical dictionary from the Royal Academy of History. She also handed out awards.

Spanish Royal Household

The awards went out to Mexican billionaire and philanthropist Carlos Slim, Chef José Andrés and Carmen Iglesias, the first woman to lead the History Academy.

King Juan Carlos’ Troubles Continue

A British court is moving forward with harassment claims against Spain’s King Juan Carlos, King Felipe’s father.

Don Juan Carlos’ former lover, Corinna Larsen, is accusing the former Spanish head of state, who abdicated in 2014, of trying to intimidate her.

King Juan Carlos signing his abdication announcement. Spanish Royal Household

Larsen, a businesswoman who was once married to a German prince, was with King Juan Carlos during an elephant hunting trip in 2012, in which the monarch fell and had to be flown back to Spain.

The incident, which happened during Spain’s economic troubles, prompted scrutiny of Don Juan Carlos’ finances and relationships.

The monarch’s relationship with Larsen, always seen as dangerous by the Spanish government, eventually soured, and she claims intelligence agents kept her under surveillance and did things like shooting at her security cameras.

King Juan Carlos has been living in exile in the United Arab Emirates while under investigation for financial crimes. King Felipe has declined any inheritance form his father.

King Felipe and King Juan Carlos during the day of Don Felipe’s proclamation in 2014. Spanish Royal Household

Many of those probes, however, have been shelved and Don Juan Carlos has worked to make good with Spanish tax authorities. He had immunity during his time as reigning monarch.

Even though he may never return to live in Spain full time, King Juan Carlos says he will soon visit the country to meet with friends and family.

Larsen is said to have ended up with tens of millions of dollars that belonged to Don Juan Carlos and gifted by Saudi royals, according to media reports.

Officials have been unable to prove the money was an illegal commission for King Juan Carlos’ role in securing a deal for Spanish firms to build high speed train service to Mecca.

As a result of all the scandals, King Juan Carlos is the least popular member of the Spanish Royal Family, but many people respect his efforts to secure Spanish Democracy.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia during an event at the Spanish Parliament. Spanish Royal Household

His wife, Queen Sofia, remains among the most popular royals and an active participant in the royal agenda.

King Visits Chile For Presidential Inauguration

King Felipe traveled to Chile last week for the inauguration of President Gabriel Boric, the country’s youngest head-of-state ever.

The two-day trip was a chance for His Majesty to make inroads with the incoming progressive government.

King Felipe arriving in Chile. Spanish Royal Household
King Felipe meeting with outgoing President Sebastián Piñera. Spanish Royal Household
King Felipe meeting with Boric. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe has attended presidential inaugurations in Latin America for decades, first as Prince of Asturias and now as monarch.

Queen Displays Solidarity With Ukraine

Queen Letizia used her wardrobe to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine, which is under invasion by Russia.

Her Majesty wore a Ukranian-style blouse to an awards ceremony in Madrid last week, and observers quickly noted the outfit’s significance.

Spanish Royal Household

Members of the Spanish Royal Family must stay quiet and neutral about most political subjects, but often find ways to express support or solidarity for certain causes.

King Responds To Ukraine Invasion

King Felipe led a meeting of Spain’s National Security Council today in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

His Majesty also cancelled all events today and tomorrow to stay abreast of developments. Spain has been aiding NATO’s response to the crisis.

Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe studied international relations and keen on helping shape Spain’s place in the world.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez delivered a televised address after the meeting, where he called on Russia to follow international law.

King Gets COVID-19

King Felipe tested positive for COVID-19 this week, the Spanish Royal Household said, according to media outlets.

His Majesty is isolating and should be able to retake his agenda next week, officials said. He is said to have minor symptoms.

Spanish Royal Household

The King met with military officers at the Madrid Royal Palace on Tuesday. Today Queen Letizia visited a hospital.

Spanish Royal Household

British Prince Charles and Danish Queen Margarethe are two other major royals who have tested positive in recent days.

King Cheered In Puerto Rico, Honduras

King Felipe spent most of last week in Latin America, visiting former Spanish colonies of Puerto Rico and Honduras.

His Majesty’s visit to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico for the 500th anniversary of San Juan, the island’s capital, was much anticipated by locals, many of whom cherish their Spanish roots.

King Felipe with Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi. Spanish Royal Household

The trip was particularly dramatic because vandals took down a statue of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico’s first governor, but local officials put the statue back on its pedestal as the King was landing.

Puerto Ricans still keep the coat of arms granted by Spain and the island’s municipalities also follow Spanish heraldry for their symbols.

King Felipe and other Spanish and Puerto Rican officials walking through Old San Juan. Spanish Royal Household

Many Puerto Ricans were disappointed the trip didn’t include Queen Letizia, who had other agenda items in Madrid.

King Felipe looking at a painting of Queen Isabella II at the Puerto Rico governor’s mansion. Spanish Royal Household

Puerto Ricans are hoping the trip strengthens economic relations with Spain after several Spanish firms have reduced or pulled their presence from the island. Puerto Rico has been experiencing years of economic troubles after decades of post-World War II boom.

King Felipe getting the key to San Juan with Mayor Miguel Romero. Spanish Royal Household

In Honduras, King Felipe met with incoming President Xiomara Castro, who has promised to root out corruption.

King Felipe greeting President Castro. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe also had a chat with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, whose portfolio includes relations with Central America.

King Felipe with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris. Spanish Royal Household

King Felipe has been attending Latin American presidential inaugurations for decades, first as Prince of Asturias and now as Spanish head-of-state.