King Travels To France For Armistice Day

King Felipe traveled to France earlier this month to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

King Felipe meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron. © Spanish Royal Household
© Spanish Royal Household

The King, who traveled to France without Queen Letizia and met with numerous other world leaders, then embarked on a tour of Latin America.


Queen Sofia Turns 80

Queen Sofia celebrated her 80th birthday last week with a gathering at Zarzuela Palace with family.

The Queen Sofia School of Music also celebrated a concern in her honor, where relatives and friends were in attendance.

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos with Paloma O’Shea, who founded the Queen Sofia School of Music. O’Shea, the 1st Marquise of O’Shea, is mother of Santander Group leader Ana Patricia Botín. © Spanish Royal Household

The Zarzuela Palace gathering featured Infanta Cristina, whose husband was convicted of corruption related charges.

After years keeping a distance from the Royal Family, Queen Sofia in particular is keen on bringing her daughter back into the fold.

Princess Offers First Public Remarks

Leonor, the Princess of Asturias and heir to the Spanish throne, made historic public remarks last week.

The princess, who is being groomed for a more public role, read a section of the Spanish Constitution, to help mark the document’s 40th anniversary.

© Spanish Royal Household

Princess Leonor read the section affirming popular sovereignty and constitutional monarchy.

Spain’s public broadcaster apologized after spreading a meme related to Princess Leonor’s speech. Someone added a microphone drop following her affirmation of the country as a monarchy.

Monarchy Under Attack

Left leaning and populist parties in Spain have declared war on the Monarchy.

In the latest rebuke to the Crown, Barcelona’s City Council voted to rebuke King Felipe and call for a republic.

Specifically, the leftist and nationalist parties united to punish the King for his speech last year in favor of Spanish Constitutional unity after Catalonia’s illegal referendum on independence.

© Spanish Royal Household

The Catalan Parliament passed a similar resolution, which the central government is taking to court.

Now left-wing populist party Podemos and its allies say they want to continue pressing for such resolutions around the country.

The Royal Household and many monarchists have been quiet about the development, but some royalists see the need to fight back against what they see as a growing political tactic.

King Felipe Honors Constitution

King Felipe celebrated the Spanish Constitution during remarks at a major event last week.

The King spoke at the Princess of Asturias awards, one of the top items on the royal calendar every year.

King Felipe with Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia arriving at the awards ceremony. © Spanish Royal Household

The King noted the Constitution’s upcoming 40th anniversary and called it an example of Democracy, coexistence and liberty.

Amid the Catalan crisis, the King said the constitution recognized the diversity of Spanish origins — different cultures, tongues and territories.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia walking onstage. © Spanish Royal Household

Celebrations tied to the Princess of Asturias awards include a concert the evening before and a community visit the day after.

The Princess of Asturias is the King’s daughter and heir to the Spanish throne.

King Takes The Metro

King Felipe took a ride on the Madrid metro this morning to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the service’s first line.

His Majesty took the same route his great grandfather, King Alfonso XIII, took a century ago.

© Spanish Royal Household

The Madrid Metro service is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive.